Affordable Holiday Gifts for Music Students


Holiday recitals are always a highlight in my piano studio.  It's a great time get into the holiday spirit by sharing festive music and food.  

How can teachers provide gifts for every student in their studio that doesn't "break the bank"?  Holiday ornaments!  Every year, I either make or personalize holiday ornaments for all of students.  Some years, I just bought the plain, glass ornaments from the dollar store and decorated them with glitter glue.  This year, I bought ornaments from Crate and Barrel, and personalized them with my studio initials "WPS" for Wenjen Piano Studios and the 2017 for the year.  My students tell me that they save their ornaments and every year, they track the number of years that they have studied piano with me!  Some students have over a dozen ornaments!  

I buy a small Christmas tree and decorate it with all of the ornaments, hang them in my dining room or on a decorative string in my backyard near the reception.  After the recital, the students enjoy the reception and get to choose the ornament they can take home!  I like to include ornaments that make sound, like bells, and also include some that are non-denominational holiday decorations for those who celebrate Hannukah or another holiday.




Buy decorations in bulk and use glitter glue to personalize them! Start this project a few days in advance to allow the glue to dry!

ornamentn tree.jpg


Display the ornaments on a special tree just for my studio or hang them from a decorate string and let the students choose one during the holiday recital reception!

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